Extravío de llaves.

90.00 EUR (За бронь)

Cambio y reposicion de cerradura y llave de habitacion y de entrada de hostal.


10.00 EUR (В день)

You can leave the car in Cuesta de la Raqueta just to collect the keys. The closest parking lot is called Monroy. We have two parking spaces in the hostel building, which if they are free upon arrival you can rent them for €10 per day, maybe it won't be difficult for you to park on the street, we are at the limit of the payment area,

Suplemento por persona

10.00 EUR (За бронь)

Por alojar a una persona mas en su habitacion. 

Visita Guiada por Salamanca

Reserva tu visita Guiada por Salamanca con los guias oficiales.


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